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Macmillan Education Everywhere (MEE) is a desktop platform which allows teachers, students, and parents to remotely access digital assets of courses provided by Macmillan Education. As part of the release of MEE, a number of digital counterparts needed updating to reflect the new design and increase usability.

ClientMacmillan Education
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I became the lead support for the Digital Operations department who were responsible for these new builds (following the amalgamation of the digital design team in August 2015). I was directly involved with the aesthetic of the Online Workbook for students and teachers, and the Digital Student Book. By ensuring my availability at all times for these final visual choices, additional completion delays were prevented.

The Online Workbook was successfully launched in Winter 2015/16.

I was not involved in the UX or wireframing on this project.

Product Owner: Bhavna PindoriaJosephine Rees
Digital Design Manager: Andy Larkin
Senior UI / UX Designer: Conorde Clarke
UI / UX Designer: Neil Lawson
Senior Web Producer: Atilio Sacchi
Web Producer: Camille Lemaire
Digital Producer: Dipak Vajshi