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Macmillan Education Dictionary Online has been live since 2009, offering free definitions, as well as pronunciations and learning resources. It is targeted primarily at those learning English as a second language.

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To help promote Macmillan Education Dictionary Online (MEDO), I was asked to create a number of shareable graphics depicting topical idioms and vocabulary useful for English language learners.

To help in this task I took the initiative to take an illustration short course at Central St Martins. With this developed skill, I was able to create custom illustrations which helped considerably improve the reach on certain channels—doubling the average number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on specific posts.

I was provided a list of 20 words newly added to the Macmillan Dictionary based upon user suggestions. From this I selected ten words to illustrate – translating them as I saw fit. These were then used in the creation of a questionnaire which was completed over 6,000 times in the first six months of it’s release.

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